Dean and Tyler Full Protection Bite Suit Review



The quality of the DT Full Protection Bite Suit is second to none in the protection dog space. These suits are rugged and ideal for canines with strong canines. That’s one reason why many in the law enforcement community choose Dean and Tyler as their premier provider of K-9 gear. This suit packs a punch and can take a bite with minimal pressure on the decoy’s skin. But like every suit, it has its faults as well.

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Not only is the Dean and Tyler full protection bite suit quality, it’s innovative. That’s because while most bite suits require the decoy to tuck their hands inside, the folks at Dean & Tyler provide leather hand protectors allowing the decoy to hold objects during training without fear of getting their hand turning into lunch. However, it should be noted that the leather hand guards can be penetrated by the teeth of strong dogs. Even so, it’s still better than what most other suits provide (nothing). The product sells for $1,386.00 and can be customized. The suit is closed using metal snap clasps which are sturdy but can be difficult to put on and take off.


This is a suit that will go the distance and can take a lot of bites over a long period of time. But it is less comfortable than most other suits. That’s because the interior nylon is known to chafe the skin. So if you’re gonna don this suit and have sensitive skin, either bundle up and make sure all of your epidermis is covered or consider rubbing on some Vaseline. The DT Full Protection Bite Suit is ideal for new decoys who might have trouble holding sticks, whips or cap guns during ring sport or general protection training.